Algiers is the premier hookah bar of Fort Collins, Colorado, offering comfortable in-house seating for individuals, as well as small and large groups. Algiers is also the place to go for all of your at-home smoking needs, offering a wide variety of hookahs, shisha, and accessories.


Friday, August 8th 2014

The school year is almost upon us! We'll help you get through with a brand new hookah to start you off right.

Thursday, July 31st 2014

LuLava hoses are now available for retail at $30.00! Today we will be offering additional bowl pricing ($4 instead of $8) to anyone who buys a LuLava hose today. If you've been wanting one, today's the day to grab one!

Thursday, July 24th 2014

We are so excited to have Romman back in stock. Here's a few recipes for you guys to try out at home or here at Algiers!