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Digital Rewards Program

Its 2017 and Algiers has finally decided to join the 21st Century by moving to an all-digital rewards program. Getting your Frequent Smoker Card stamped or signed will be a thing of the past. We will be opening up our program to our customers on Wednesday, March 22.

Our Rewards Program is simple: Every time you smoke you earn points. Once you reach 20 points, you earn One Free Smoke! Your first bowl is worth two (2) points and every bowl smoked after that is worth one (1) point. All we need to get you started is a name and your phone number. Once you sign up, you will receive a text from us letting you know that you are ready to go. Simply click on the link provided and it will take you to your profile where you can see how many points you've earned and make changes. If you add a valid email address to your profile we will give you two (2) extra points for free! This will allow us to keep you up to date with sales, events, and even a give you coupons for you to use in the future. You also have the ability to link a credit or debit card to your profile to speed up the process at check out.

If you have an old Frequent Smoker Card, talk to your server when you check out so they can sign you up for our new Rewards Program. Once you have signed up for our Digital Rewards, we will add your old cards to the new system so you don't miss out on any points you may have earned.

We will be accepting old cards until April 30, 2017 at which time we will move over entirely to our Digital Program. Let us know if you have any questions!

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