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Techno Douche Night 2.0

Spike your hair and pop your collar; Techno Douche Night is back! Come join us on the

Algiers Patio on Thursday, April 13 at 8:00 PM for the greatest (and worst) of European Techno from the past 20 years. Glow sticks, black lights, and glowing drinks will be driving the mayhem for our first theme night of the year. So get dressed up in your craziest outfit and party until the early hours of the morning with our hand-picked playlist of house and trance techno from the past few decades.

Custom mixed drinks (non-alcoholic of course) will be served during the event to help keep you fueled for hours.

So come on in, order a hookah, and party until your legs hurt.


$1.00 Glowsticks


$9.00 Per Bowl

$5.00 Additional Bowl


$1.00 Individual Drink

$2.00 Small Pitcher

$4.00 Large Pitcher

#event #themenight #technodouchenight

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